RRR Season 3 - Episode #40: Digitize Me Jin!

Not to be confused with Crunchitize Me Captain! Though Jin could easily be the captain of my vessel any day. Though I suppose for this case it would be a digital ship. Like an e-mail or some spread around porn video. Not that I want Jin porn or anything, but you never know people's tastes these days. So this episode of the podcast clocks in at four and a half hours. Yes. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. This is why we don't do RRRnRRR during the show anymore. Yes, over an hour of this is our glorious discussion of one hell of a great Sentai, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters! Spoilers: We love this show! As per usual we talk about the toysplosion with new Kyoryuger scans, Wizard scans, and a load of Toy Fair News, revealing new toys and info for Kyoryuger, Wizard, Ben 10, TMNT, and Power Rangers. SHT continues with the final Go-Busters episode, Wizard 22, and the second episode of Megaforce before we ramble on about Pokémon, Ben 10, Star Wars, Green Lantern, Young Justice, and TMNT. Finally we conclude with the Facebook Question. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS GUYS. That is all.


Show Notes

New Kyoryuger Toy Catalog featuring Kyoryu Gold!

New Wizard Toy Catalog featuring Wizard Infinity and Beast Hyper!

Toy Fair: TMNT

Toy Fair: Ben 10

Toy Fair: Power Rangers

New Megaforce Hot Wheels!


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