RRR Season 3 - Episode #39: Weekend at Ernie’s!

I've got nothing again. MY CREATIVE JUCIES AREN'T FLOWING. Oh well. Today we travel to Ernie's Brain Freeze to...do whatever it is we do here. In this episode we discuss the latest toy listings for Wizard, Kyoryuger, and Megaforce! We also discuss some SHT news and a nice little tidbit of Digimon related fusion-ness. Super Hero Time becomes MEGA with the inclusion of Megaforce Summaries with Shuki! Afterwards Ramble Time continues with Pokemon, Ben 10, Star Wars, Green Lantern, Young Justice, and TMNT! Finally we wrap up with the Twitter Questions. Enjoy this timey-whimey episode of RRR!


Show Notes

New Wizard Toys!

New Kyoryuger Toys!

New Megaforce Toys!

SHTZ Trailer!

SHTZ Initial Cast!

Go-Busters V-Cinema Title!

Digimon Fusion: Only on Nick!


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