RRR Season 3 - Episode #37: Nobody Calls Hiromu Chicken! Nobody!

I've got nothing. It's Saturday morning at 5 am and I'm really tired. This episode wasn't released on time because we recorded it on Thursday night, where I am usually editing the Podcast. Thus, I had to edit the Podcast on Friday night, where I would normally be sleeping. For the record we're supposed to record on Tuesday, which is now moved to Wednesday because of personal schedules. I don't think this is really of interest, and I'm wondering how many people are actually reading this right now. Hello people! A lot of work goes into these little post things. Well, not really. Most of the time I just make a joke out of the title and run with it. You know, just spew out words until I feel like I've built a substantial paragraph. In this episode we talk about Figuarts, Sentai, and Power Rangers. Of course we have the typical Super Hero Time, Ramble Time, and Twitter Questions. That's really about it. Nice and long though. Lots of news and stuff. Megaforce starts soon, that's cool. So does Kyoryuger! And Doki Doki Precure for all you Precure fans out there. A new Rider would be starting if Decade didn't exist and mess with the timeline. Onore Decade. You know, I'm also curious if anyone knows who's actually typing this. Yep. Toodles.


Show Notes

S.H.Figuarts Exclusive Explosion

S.H.Figuarts Wizard Flame Dragon for April

S.H.Figuarts Den-O Liner Dorm for April

S.H.Figuarts Machine Winger for May

S.H.Figuarts Iron Man & War Machine for May

Ranger Key Set Movie Edition

Go-Busters V-Cinema

Kyoryuger Character Bios

Kyoryuger Villain Rumors

Megaforce Episode Summaries

Megaforce Trailer Airing

Megaforce Character Bios

Megaforce Press Photos


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