RRR Season 3 - Episode #36: Last But Not Beast!

This is the episode where Dosm's job got replaced by a pun generator set in the timeline where we record a day late because Kevin got yanked from his timeline by the Sandman. Beast was also very cool, so he is certainly not last. He is Beast however. He is also Neato and Mayonnaise. Join us as we discuss the latest in news (even though a day later we get Megaforce episode summaries and pretty Ranger Key sets) such as Megaforce's premier date, something about Lauren, and Akibaranger's return. THEY'RE BACK BITCHES. SHT contains Go-Busters 46 and Wizard 18, while Ramble Time gets a boost with the inclusion of Star Wars: The Clone Wars because Kevin finally caught up. This was meant to be a demo of a "random" Ramble Time, but we ended up structuring it on accident...so yeah. FInally we see why YOU stick around with our Facebook Question of the Bi-Weeklyness. BUFFA. --- Show Notes Kamen Rider x Super Sentai X Space Sheriffs x SHTZ Akibaranger...Season 2 Female Red Samurai Ranger...Only in the UK Megaforce Begins February 2nd -

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