RRR Season 3 - Episode #32: Samurai ForNever!

RANGERS NOT TOGETHER! SAMURAI FORNEVER! Seriously. They leave each other at the end of the show sans our budding romance and have nothing to Samurai against. They're hrase was filled with lies and false promises. How dare they. I expected them to be together forever, and you can be sure, that forever and a day, that's how long they'll stay, together and forever more. Wait. That's a Pokémon song. My bad. Join us as we discuss some newds, discuss some episodes, and most importantly we discuss our final thoughts (or lack thereof) of Samurai. As always, we discuss our nerdom with Ramble Time and conclude with the Facebook Question! Unlike Samurai, we will be together forever because loneliness.


Show Notes

Series 3 Samurai MegaBloks!

Megaforce Base? Ranger Keys?


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