RRR Season 3 - Episode #31: Kyomongosaur!

FOR REAL? I know Dosm pronounced it "Kyumongosaur," but I wanted it to actually look like a proper reference to Kyoryuger. Speaking of, the entire Newds portion of this show is dedicated 100% to the newest Sentai to hit the scene, Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger! The three of us plus the spray can love it. Despite the initial hate shared by a majority of the fandom because their kids show actually looks like the kids show. Heaven forbid. After we show our love to our new multi-colored heroes, we have a nice healthy rant about how absolutely moronic the news sites (sans the ever-awesome Ultrapunch) and fandom were in these times of new scans in the apparent moonspeak that is Japanese. It's honestly rather astonishing. Lastly, join us as we discuss Go-Busters, Wizard, the Super Samurai finale, Pokemon, Ben 10, TMNT, and wrap up with a nice round of Twitter Questions! Two Blue Rangers?


Show Notes

Kyoryuger Toy Catalog Megapost


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