RRR Season 3 - Episode #30: The Manju Buu Saga!

You see, he thought he was making manju, but in reality, he was actually baking small individual pieces of the evil Majin Buu! In his new pastry form known as Manju Buu, he will take over everyone's sweet tooth and cause mass rioting. It might start in Japan, but soon it will spread across the world, and humanity will obey only to the sweet lord Manju Buu! While all this is going on, we continue to bring you the latest toku news. Yes, I know that toy catalogs for Kyoryuger are out, but they weren't when we recorded this, so just hold your pants until next week. For now, we bring you the latest on Kyoryuger (at the time), Super Hero Taisen Z, the sequel to the greatest movie ever, Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger, and Kamen Rider Beast. Super Hero Time continues with Go-Busters 41, Wizard 13, and the Super Samurai episode "The Sealing Symbol." Ramble Time takes a hit as we cover Pokémon and Ben 10. Finally we conclude with the Facebook Question of the Bi-Weeklyness. Join us next time, when Manju Buu is hopefully defeated.


Show Notes

Kamen Rider Beast is Neato!

The Greatest Sequel Ever Made...Super Hero Taisen Z!

Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger Information

New Kyoryuger Information (as of 12-05-12)


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