RRR Season 3 - Episode #26: This is the BullSHT of All BullSHTs!

Insert Dosm's usual spiel from the movie here about being an ass kisser. Thanks to a relay race, because apparently that's important, Wizard was not on. This makes me upset. So instead of bringing you a really quick Wizard review filled with references, we get to discuss Super Hero Taisen, the toku movies of all toku movies that is apparently the greatest thing ever because people stand next to each other. AMAZING! WE LOVE IT SO MUCH. This is a lie. We talk about it a while. That is not a lie. Whether it's entertaining or not is entirely up too you! In this episode we also take a look at the latest news surrounding PR, Rider, and Sentai. Summaries of Go-Busters and Super Samurai arrive, as well as a Ramble Time and Facebook questions full of hilarity and random, just how we like it here on this show. Stay tuned next week, where thing make sense.


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Show Notes

Megaforce Hot Wheels Hit eBay!

Hot Wheels Playset...Gosei!

Kamen Rider OOO Novel Plot!

Kyouryuger Prototype Sketch!


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