RRR Season 3 - Episode #24: SHFML!

Just wait until next week, where the acronyms get even crazier, or we decide to reuse a title, since we prematurely used this one before Tamashii Nations just because we were upset the Wizard Forms are exclusives. Join us as we discuss a multitude of toy news including DX Kivala, new SHF, new SIC, Pokemon, Power Rangers, and a crazy Disney robot. We also discuss some information about Ultimatum nonsense and a Megaforce trailer. Thanks to the cancellation of Samurai this week, Super Hero Time goes for a duo with Wizard 08 and Go-Busters 35. Ramble Time also takes a hit, consisting of only Pokémon, Ben 10, TMNT, and Avengers. Finally we conclude with the Facebook Questions of the Bi-Weeklyness!


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Show Notes

DX Kivala

New S.H.Figuarts

New S.I.C. Releases

D-Arts Mewtwo

Megaforce Megapack

Chou Gattai King Robo

DX DragoTimer

Movie War Ultimatum News

Third Garo Series Announced

New Megaforce Trailer


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