RRR Season 3 - Episode #22: Buddy-Merge Activate!

Powered Custom! Despite the hate, we here at RRR are fans of the Powered Custom, which made a stellar debut this week on the newest episode of Go-Busters. It totally got rebooted and is in no way the same show it was since the beginning. Because you know, it got retooled, because the ratings suck. Yeah. RETOOL THE SHOW INTO DIGIMON TAMERS! I'm just ranting at this point. I'm a horrible person. Oh well. Join us as we discuss the newest Rider, Beast, along with the slew of new toys he brought with him. We also discuss a little Ultimatum news, a possible new Decade movie, and some Samurai Holiday Specials. Super Hero Time chugs along with Go-Busters 33 and Wizard 06! Ramble Time includes Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ben 10, Green Lantern, Young Justice, TMNT, Star Wars, Avengers, and Revolution! FInally we conclude with the Facebook Question. Be sure to send in your Twitter Questions to @TheRRRPodcast!


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Show Notes

Megaforce Hot Wheel Product Images

Kamen Rider Beast

New PlaMonsters and Rings

New WAP Figures

DX DragoTimer

New Ultimatum Trailer

New Decade Movie?

Super Samurai Holiday Specials!


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