RRR Season 3 - Episode #21: Makuu-ku-doodle-do!

This is how people in Makuu Space wake up every morning. It's like an alarm clock of pure evil that is apparently three-fold, yet somehow our heroes can still wake up and win all the time when they were getting their butts kicked in the real world. Yeah, Gavan really does a number on logic. Join us as we discuss the latest news in toys, Wizard, Go-Busters, Power Rangers, Digimon, and more, I think. Super Hero Time continues with Gavan 32 and Wizard 05. Ramble Time explodes with new life as we discuss Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ben 10, Green Lantern, Young Justice, Avengers, Transformers, 2 Broke Girls, and Revolution. We conclude with a Twitter question segment I like to call "We Hate the 90's." We hate it. We really do. At least Go-Busters is back for realsies next week. Go home Gavan, go home.

This episode is three hours and fifty-three minutes. Yeah.


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Show Notes

Complete Selection Modification W Driver

Bluefin Unveils PR SHFs at NYCC

Movie War Ultimatum!

New Wizard Scans!

New Go-Busters Scans!

More Go-Busters Scans!

Megaforce Promotional Poster!

Digimon Fusion Promotional Poster & Trailer!


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