RRR Season 3 - Episode #16: It’s Time Fourze End!

It's over! One of the most evenly hated and loved Rider show to hit the air (and lowest rated for that matter) has finally concluded. Love it? Hate it? Join us as we discuss the finale, and share our thoughts about what worked during Fourze, and what didn't work out in the end. Before that, we tackle the latest news from PR, Rider, and Sentai, discuss the potential Go-Busters retool, as well as the latest episode. Finally we conclude with Ramble Time, and the Facebook Question of the Bi-Weeklyness. Stay tuned for more, and look forward to next episode as we discuss the debut of Kamen Rider Wizard!


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Show Notes

The Newds!

Bluefin Tamashii Power Ranger Polls!

Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Mini-Site Up!

New Wizard Scans!

New Go-Busters Scans!


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