RRR Season 3 - Episode #14: Go-Busters of a Chance!

Get the reference? Get a cookie! If you don't, that's fine too. Join us in our short pre-Morphicon show, recorded a day early due to us not being around. As far as Morphicon goes, we'll be recording a ton of video, and we may even try to record an audio podcast while we're there and all in one room like some sort of podcast-ception or something. Regardless, epic things are bound to happen from the stupidity of the trio combining into one mass. BUT FOR NOW, join us as we discuss some of the latest news involving Wizard's trailer, PR exclusives, Polls, and the Vortexx block. Super Hero Time attacks with Go-Busters 25 and Fourze 46, while Ramble Time piddles away with only Pokémon to be discussed. We conclude with a shortened Facebook Question. The remaining answers will be read on Episode 15! See everyone at Morphicon!


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Show Notes

What's News!

"Artificial Intelligence: Playing with Portals" by Tarminuus

"Akibaranger Web  Radio Episode 3 - Summary" by Ultrapunch

"RRRnRRR: Kamen Rider Hibiki" by Aresol and the Podcast Crew (I think that's a new band title right there)


The Newds!

Wizard's Trailer Released!

The Vortexx Line-Up Revealed!

Morphicon Exclusive Samurai 2-Pack!

Bluefin's Power Rangers S.H.Figuarts Poll!


The Downloads!

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