RRR Season 3 - Episode #13: That Pisces Me Off!

It really does! Just minding our own business and suddenly some mysterious voice from the heavens of intellect chimes in to answer Twitter questions. What's up with that? Regardless, we are thankful for him in the upcoming future past escapade that is RRRnRRR Hibiki. Before all that however, we discuss the latest news surrounding Card Archives, Wizard, Go-Busters, and useless Samurai merchandise. Super Hero Time hits with Go-Buster 24 (almost at the halfway point...) and Fourze 45 (IT'S ALMOST OVER!)! Pokemon and Avengers keep Ramble Time alive, while we conclude with the Twitter Questions. Keep em coming folks!


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Show Notes

What's News at RRR?

"Dr. Who Series 7 Trailer & Analysis" by Ultra Punch!

"Artificial Intelligence: Video Game Music" by Tarminuus!

"Celery's Corner: Abstract Aresol" by CeleryAresolMan!

"Play Arts Kai Sora Vol. 1 Review" by Firestarter!


The Newds!

Kamen Rider Card Archives Binder!

Wizard Please!

Go-Busters HBV Revealed!

Gavan Plot Leaked!

Samurai Board Games!


The Downloads!

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