RRR Season 3 - Episode #12: School of Gock!

Because School of Gog just doesn't have the same ring to it. Haha, ring. Anyway, join us for this short (by our standards) episode in which we cover the latest news in the world of Kamen Rider and Power Rangers! Super Hero Time takes a hit with the lack of Fourze, but Go-Busters continues along with episode 23. Ramble Time gets a pleasant one-week stab in the arm with the preview episode of Ben 10 Omniverse! Finally we conclude with the Facebook Question of the Bi-Weeklyness!


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Show Notes

What's News at RRR?

"This Month in Gaming - July 2012" by Tarminuus

The Nudes!

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Knight Survive!

New Wizard Scans!

Final Fourze Scans!

Megaforce Vinyl Figures!

Super Samurai at McDonalds!

Time Force Morphenominon!

Samurai Christmas DVD!

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