RRR Season 3 - Episode #05: Boku Wa Dat Ass!

Boku wa dat ass indeed! Look at that sexy Tensou bootay. So this week, thanks to the Las Vagas Licensing Expo, we have a huge explosion of Power Rangers news! Megaforce is Goseiger, half the fandom raged, we laughed, it was a lot of fun. Won't give too much away, so check out this episode to hear our thoughts on the news, our reactions to the fans, and what we think will come from this anniversary. Of course, the typical episode shenanigans commence. Super Hero Time hits with Go-Busters 16, Fourze 39, and Akibaranger 10! Ramble Time is cut short as the summer hiatuses begin. Thankfully, we conclude with another segment of Twitter Questions of the Week!  Continue to send in your Twitter Questions, and answer this week Facebook question! Lastly, continue to post your comments on the news to get your thoughts read on the air. Hopefully you can spark some discussion like in the Goseiger discussion! Stay tuned!


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Show Notes

RRR What's News?

Trade Junkie: "Chew Vol. 1 Taster's Choice"

Barrage Manga Chapter 1 Review

Artificial Intelligence: The Nintendo 64

The Gamer Guy, Kamen Rider Gai!

The Newds!

Power Rangers Megaforce is Goseiger!

20th Anniversary & Megaforce Posters!

Saban Brands Interview Details!

Megaforce Mega Bloks on the Way!

Mattel to Produce Megaforce Hot Wheels!

MM to LG DVD Box Art!

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