RRR Season 3 - Episode #03: I’m Cuckoo for Yoko Puffs!

They're chocolate, they're sweet, and they give you a big forehead! All part of a balanced breakfast, despite the fact that any sort of cereal with chocolate in it could potentially be considered NOT part of a balanced breakfast. Though I suppose adding a banana and a glass of milk will make it balanced! Join us as we discuss the slew of news regarding Toys, Fourze, Movies, and Go-Busters! A good portion dedicated to Beet Buster and his partner. Super Hero Time ignites with Go-Busters 14, Fourze 37, and Akibaranger 08! We conclude with a short (summer hiatuses go!) Ramble Time, with this week's bonus, the Twitter Questions of the Week!


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Show Notes

S.H.Figuarts Bouken Red & Red Buster!

SIC OOO Design Sketches!

Toei Hero Next Films!

Kamen Rider Xi?

Golfing Zodiarts?!

Fourze & Go-Busters Movies!

Go-Buster Beet!

Beetle Action!

More Beetle Action!

ClawZord & LightZord on eBay!


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