RRR Season 3 - Episode #01: Season 3…The Streets 2: The Streequel!

Before anything, those wondering about the theme, I didn't bother creating an epic intro, because our creative genius and father of all things awesome Ryokuya is working on something awesome for us, so stay tuned for the debut of the new theme. For now, enjoy some instrumental retro action. Also included in this episode is a blooper real from Season 2, Episode 52! Lastly, we took an opportunity to test out various summary methods!

Go-Busters: Long Summaries Akibaranger: Bullet Point Summary (5 or so main points) Fourze: No Summary (Summarized in Discussion) Super Samurai: Short Summary

Attached to the RamBoards thread this week will be a poll. Voice your opinions on which summary style is best! In other news, join us in the epic Season 3 premier, where we have virtually no news, so we discuss the latest in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2! Also join the premier for the LAST (Akiba will be over by the time Samurai comes back) four show Super Hero Time, with Go-Busters 12, Akibaranger 06, Fourze 35, and Super Samurai 13! We Ramble it up as always, concluded with Twitter Questions of the Week!


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