RRR Season 2 - Episode #51: Cosmic School Bus!

The penultimate episode of the Podcast! It's short! Well, short as far as this show is concerned. The general populous would probably consider about 2 hours and 15 minutes or so long still. Anyway, our slow news week is coupled with a trio of equally sub-par episodes from each of our Super Hero Time Goodness. No Akibaranger this week, as the episode wasn't released by Over-Time until late Wednesday evening, and that left little time to actually fit it in here. Time permitting, expect a double dose of Akibaranger next episode, our Season 2 Finale! Another note here is that the Twitter Questions were handled awkwardly, as our first recording never actually recorded, so our second recording has a lot of weird jokes, rushed answers, and an overall sense of oddness. Blame me (Shuki) for not hitting the record button the first time. Though I think the second take was a lot funnier. Off to prepare for the finale! Join us then to see what wackiness ensues!

As far as Twitter Questions, keep em coming! However, as we stated in the show, please limit yourself to 3-5 questions per episode, and try to create questions that instigate humor or discussion, like Keifer's Pokémon question, or Jeff's house question. While it's nice to see so much activity, "Do you want X?" or "What do you think of Y?" just don't create the discussion expected from TQotW. Thanks to everyone for understanding, and we look forward to seeing what creative questions you guys can come up with. Also, apologies to John for his question being skipped on accident, it's been bookmarked and filed for our finale's TQotW, feel free to ask another as well!

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Show Notes

SHF Red Hawk &  Bouken Red!

SHF Libra Zodiarts!

OhRed Opens a TokuBar!

Power Rangers Mystic Force in Japan!


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