RRR Season 2 - Episode #50: Ring Girl Found Nigo!

Nigo has been found! Ring Girl found him and took him home with her, forcing him into weird cultish things. Fortunately, he was returned, and Jedimon can now hug his Nigo every night before bed. Unfortunately, Shuki's Runamuck is now missing! Thanks to the evil shenanigans of the TF Club's menacing packing department, his package was torn open, and he fell out! Oh no! Runamuck, now missing somewhere between Texas and Michigan, Shuki and Runabout must now venture off to find Runabout's long lost brother! Will they do it? Find out next time, in Toy Story 5! In the mean time, watch the Pixar Short before the film, RRR Episode 50! Here, the gang discusses the latest rumors for next year, as well as the latest scans for the current shows! SHT explodes with summaries and discussions for Go-Busters, Akibaranger, Fourze, and Super Samurai! Lastly, the triple thread of Facebook Question, Ramble Time, and Twitter Questions ignite the scene!

Just as a heads up, RRRnRRR: Kamen Rider Agito may be delayed a day or so due to schedule conflicts.

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Show Notes

SIC OOO TaToBa & G Den-O!

Kamen Rider 2013 Rumors!

Beet Buster and his Beetle Buddy!

New Fourze Scans!


RRR Facebook!

The RamBoards!

RRR Twitter!


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