RRR Season 2 - Episode #47: ANTONIO IS IN IT TO WIN IT!

Unfortunately, I don't think his one song (whether he's Kengo or Antonio) will benefit him once he gets passed the auditions. Perhaps he can just keep remixing the same song and pretend it's a country song? Just think of what a bitch theme weeks will be! Poor Antonio. Hopefully he can go the way of Sanjaya and continue to get passed the rounds by continuously being voted in even though his talent is nonexistence. Not to say Antonio has no talent. I for one enjoyed his song and will buy the single on April whatever because why not? Anyway, I heard Antonio likes RRR! Join us this week as we discuss a few rumors and the huge Tamashii Features event! The latest episodes of Go-Busters, Fourze, and Super Samurai get discussed, as well as the now weekly Ramble Time, with Twitter Twitter Questions of the Week! Be sure to check out the first episode of RRRnRRR: The Show, featuring Kamen Rider Kuuga, coming soon to RRR!

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Show Notes

New Garo Movie Announced!

Tamashii Features Vol. 3!

Civilian Form Figuarts?

Akibaranger Story!

SHT Net Movie Summaries!


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