RRR Season 2 - Episode #44: High School Musical Fourze!

Gentaro as Troy, Yuki as Gabriella, Miu as Sharpay, Shun can be Ryan, because why not? Nozama can be Taylor, JK can be Chad. Kengo can be Troy's Dad, and Ryuusei can be the music teacher, just because I'm picturing him in a big wig and acting like a schizo. All star cast is an all star. Anyway, join us for a fun filled episode as always. We spice up the news segment a little bit, a thread will be opening up on the Ramboards within a week or so to discuss possible new formats to make discussing the news less tiring and more fun. We'll keep experimenting! We discuss the latest bits of quick news, we hit up Go-Busters 3, Fourze 26, and Super Samurai 4 for our SHT discussions! We read off the answers to our latest Facebook Question, ramble our way through Ramble Time, and answer the flood of Twitter Questions of the Week!

Join us next week for the RRRnRRR wrap-up of Dragon Ball, and the announcement of our next RRRnRRR segment!

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Show Notes

Akibaranger Site Update!

Runa Natsui in Fourze!

2nd T&B Movie Info!

Another SHF Wild Tiger...

Figuarts ZERO Keith Goodman!

Power Rangers on DVD!

Toei Filming a Power Rangers Legend War!


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