RRR Season 2 - Episode #43: Gorignak!

GORIGNAK! GORIGNAK! ROCK! ROCK! MY ROCK SOUL WILL MAKE THE WORLD SHAKE...or something, I don't really know what Kengo says half the time. Kengo was basically what you would get if you had a Pokemon named "ROCK" or the Japanese onomatopoeia word for "SHAKING." He's a good soul though, until he gets his period and goes apeshit on everyone. Honestly, calm down Kengo. I liked you better when you were a Pokemon instead of an emokid. Granted "emokid" describes half the cast of Kiva. Kengo should tag up with Youko since she just runs around going "Gorignak" while she witnesses a pig lizard trying to kill Tim Allen. I think she's up to no good though. Anyway, join us as we discuss what's been going on in our lives, some side stories, and some tiny minuscule pieces of news. We continue Super Hero Time with a new temporary intro, bringing you some Go-Busters 02, Fourze 25, and Super Samurai 03. We start the conclusion to our RRRnRRR Dragon Ball series with part 1 of the show that started it all, Dragon Ball. Finally we answer the latest swarm of Twitter Questions!

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