RRR Season 2 - Episode #33: TACHIBANA-SAN!!!

The real question is, WHICH TACHIBANA ARE WE YELLING FOR? THE ORIGINAL? GARREN? THIS DOCTOR DOOM LOOKALIKE? WE DON'T KNOW! YOU DON'T KNOW! NO ONE KNOWS! THE TACHIBANAS ARE EVERYWHERE. I just typed that as "Tachibananas" instead of Tachibanas. I think we might have a new product on our hands folks. Grown fresh in Brazil, imported to Japan, to sell to Americans everywhere. TACHIBANANAS. It can be sold alongside the upcoming Gorisaki Bananas. One will be shaped like a gorilla, the other will be shaped like Tachibana. That's right. WE'RE SHAPING BANANAS.

Anyway...join us as we discuss the latest news of Go-Busters and Fourze, as well as some news about a new Power Rangers iOS game (that wasn't advertised or announced at all), as well as the announcement that Power Rangers Dino Thunder will be taking Jungle Fury's place this January during Nicktoon's next Morphenonmenon. Our summaries kick off with Gokaiger 44 and Fourze 15! We conclude the cast with the first of our brand new RRRnRRR segments: Dragon Ball Z! As most sane people, we start with the Saiyan Saga! Kick back, and enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

A Burst of Go-Buster Info!

Fourze Magnet States and Meteor's Story!

New iOS Game: Power Rangers Samurai Steel

Dino Thunder: The Next Morphenomenon


RRR Fansub Source


Dragon Ball Wiki: Vegeta Saga

The RamBoard's DBZ Thread


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