RRR Season 2 - Episode #27: Ahh Yah Ooh Ahh!

Yep, our titles are the best around here. I coulda went with 'Forever united as one!" or "Spirit Evolution!" but nope, I went with the damn tiki dudes in the background. They're the real winners here. They could have been the next Beatles, but nope, Rafiki had to go get doped up on heroine and the drama caused the band to crumble to the depths of being back up tiki voices in the fourth Digimon theme. Poor guys. I wish them the best. Oh right, podcast. Join us as we discuss the latest news for Samurai Toys, Rider Movies, and Power Rangers Samurai! As always we hit up Gokaiger 38 and Fourze 10! Lastly, we bring up our RRRnRRR rendition of the fourth season of Digimon, Digimon Frontier, with special guest, Ryokuya, also known as RRRGod.

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Show Notes

New Samurai Toy Listings!

MegaMax Summaries!

9th Den-O Movie!

2013 Power Rangers Auditions on Hold!

Nicktoons Samurai Marathon!

Super and Hyper Coats in Samurai/RPM Team-Up?


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Digimon Frontier on Digimon Wiki

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