RRR Season 2 - Episode #26: What the Fourze?

This title is in response to the new Fourze toys. This is what we said when we seen them, except Jedimon, I think he likes them. Join us as we discuss the drafts of Gobusters suits and concepts, the latest MegaMax trailer, OOO and Fourze's newest forms, the latest Fourze toy catalogs, some Fourze Final States rumors, an airdate for the Samurai/RPM teamup, and some revelations on a future Samurai actress and plot! Due to the lack of Fourze because Japan deems it necessary to air relay races instead, our Super Hero Time consists of Gokaiger 37 and the latest Rider movie, Let's Go Kamen Riders! It's...interesting. We wrap up with our Ramble Time of the weeks (that lacks Xros Wars...we apologize!). Enjoy!

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Show Notes

Gobusters Suits and Toys?

MegaMax Trailer and New Forms!

New Fourze Toy Scans!

Fourze Final Form Rumors!

Samurai/RPM Team Up to Air November 26th!

Samurai Spoilers!


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