RRR Season 2 - Episode #24: Tank Just Wants to Have Fun!

Just like Rocky! Except Rocky was under a spell. Tank isn't. Anyway, join us in another exciting-ish episode featuring some new toy talk in the realm of Tamashii, Thundercats, and Samurai. We also hit up the latest in the rumor mill regarding Gobusters, MegaMax, and the Gokaiger vs. Gavan film! Our summaries continue with Gokaiger 35 and Fourze 08! Samurai Summaries with Shuki commences with episode 20, the second part of the Origins special. We wrap up the show with an hour of Ramble Time, where the crew discusses the latest episodes of their favorite shows. Join us next time with RRRnRRR of Digimon Tamers! Discuss this episode and leave feedback HERE. Discuss Digimon Tamers HERE. --- Show Notes Tiger & Bunny Tamashii Updates! New Thundercats Toys! New Power Rangers Samurai Toys! Gobuster Rumors! MegaMax Updates! Gokaiger vs. Gavan Updates! - RRR Fansub Source Rangerboard's Samurai Encodes --- As always you can download the standard MP3 of the podcast HERE. Of course, you can download the enhanced M4A of the podcast by clicking HERE, or subscribing via your favorite music player or RSS Feed reader. The enhanced version features changing album art, and embedded links to check out just what we are talking about, as we talk about it!