RRR Season 2 - Episode #23: HORSE!!!

Yes, we're the podcast that dares use inside jokes as episode titles! It's relevant though. Join us as we talk about Megablox, because there's nothing else news wise to discuss! For our summaries we tackle Gokaiger 34 and Fourze 07, along with the 19th installment of Samurai Summaries with Shuki, where we tackle Origins Part 1...yes. The first episode. I don't know either. Then, when Dosm and Shuki take off in the Shibalorean into the future, they discuss the convoluted mess that is Digimon Adventure 02, or Digimon Season 2 in the US. A TARDIS trip back concludes the cast with Final Thingies, complete with Jedimon. JOIN THE ZOMBIE SAMURAI MOUNTIES TODAY!

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Show Notes

Samurai Megablox!


RRR Fansub Source

Rangerboard Samurai Encodes


Digimon Wiki - Digimon Adventure 02

Ramboard's Digimon Thread


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