RRR Season 2 - Episode #22: Gold Power!

Another random episode of another random podcast, filled to the brim with rambles upon rambles and such like. Join us this week as we discuss the latest rumors with Fourze, Gobusters, and Power Rangers. What, no Gokaiger rumors? Yeah, I'm kinda shocked too. We hit up Gokaiger 33 and Fourze 06 for our weekly summaries, along with the 18th showcase of Samurai Summaries with Shuki...cha! Look forward to next week where we go back in time. We conclude the cast with our ever exciting ramble time! That's the segment where we ramble.

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Show Notes

Kamen Rider...Sagu?

Latest Gobuster Rumors!

Power Rangers...Megaforce?


RRR Fansub Source

Rangerboard's Samurai Encode Thread


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