RRR Season 2 - Episode #13: It’s Flabberific!

Flabbtastic works too. Join us as we literally pull the news out of our butts! We discuss how stupid Switches are, the latest in PR Casting Calls, rumors of Blake Foster's return, the rather entertaining Power Rangers Samurai interview, and some news about upcoming Gokaiger tributes! Meanwhile, we hit up Gokaiger 24 and OOO 45 for our summaries and discussion! We conclude the cast with a new segment of RRRnRRR, known as Retrospective Random Rambles! This time we reminisce about Beetleborgs, the show that could melt your mind. Hope you enjoy!

Just to note, from now on, RRRnRRR will be a bi-weekly segment, so that we have more time to watch shows and gather our thoughts. Join us next time for VR Troopers!

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Show Notes

Medal Switch SP Review

Power Rangers Casting Call

Blake Foster to Return?

Watch the Samurai Interview!

Liveman and Jetman Tributes!


RRR Fansub Source


Beetleborgs on Wikipedia

Big Bad Beetleborgs on Ranger Central

Beetleborgs Metallix on Ranger Central


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