RRR Season 2 - Episode #11: The Fourze is a Lie!

The title is a Portal 2 reference. It is in no way implying that Fourze doesn't exist. Fourze is actually the evolved form of the "I'm in Space" Corrupted Core. True facts. So anyway, in this episode, we discuss the December Tamashii Web releases, the latest leaked Fourze trailer, and the SDCC Samurai Panel. Exciting stuff right there. Our summaries and discussions kick off this week with Gokaiger 22 and OOO 43. Reaching the midpoint and ending of each series respectively, so things are bound to get exciting. Lastly, for our RRRnRRR segment, we take a look back at the great Saban vs. Disney debate, give our own thoughts on the matter, and give a little retrospective look at how RRRnRRR has effected us.

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Show Notes

Buy the latest December Tamashii Web Exclusives from Oki!

Watch the Fourze trailer!

Watch the SDCC Samurai Origins panel! (or don't.)


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Saban vs. Disney RamBoards Thread


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