RRR Season 2 - Episode #04: EXTREEEEEME!!!

Once again, the trio joins up to do things so extreme, you won't believe it! There's Ranger Keys, Battlizers, Movie Trailers, Gokai Movie News, and an all new set of Fouze Rumors...that will probably be false. Hurray rumors! For the weekly summaries Jedimon brings you Gokaiger 16, Dosm brings you OOO 37, and Samurai Summaries with Shuki strikes back with episode 16! We end the Podcast with the newest Retrospective Ranger Rambles: Power Rangers Ninja Storm! It's growinnnnnnnnnnnnnng! EXTREME!


Show Notes

Upcoming Ranger Keys!

Shogun Ranger Revealed!

OOO & Gokaiger Summer Movie Trailers!

Gokaiger Movie Updates!

First Actress Confirmed for Fouze!

Fouze Sketch? Probably Not.

Fouze Rumors!


RRR Fansub Source

Rangerboard's Samurai Encode Thread


Power Rangers Ninja Storm at Wikipedia

Power Rangers Ninja Storm at Ranger Central

The RamBoards Power Rangers Ninja Storm Thread


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