RRR Season 2 - Episode #01: Season Two…The Streets!

Will all survive as the gang heads out to THE STREETS to bring you the latest Toku news in the craziest way possible! Join the trio as they discuss the latest developments in the Eternal Movie, Gokaiger, and Garo! That's right, no OOO rumors! In other bits of apocalyptic notion, Jedimon stays awake the ENTIRE cast! Maybe the world will end tomorrow. We also take a moment of our time to ramble about our favorite Nerd Herder, Chuck, and his epic victory over cancellation. For our newly designed summaries, we bring you Gokaiger 13 and OOO 34, along with Samurai Summaries with Shuki 13! We continue our Retrospective Ranger Rambles with Lightspeed Rescue, the season with so much, yet so little.

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G3 Princesses for Gokaiger?

Garo 2: Makai Senki


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