RRR “Create a Theme” Contest!

Season 3 of the Podcast is drawing to a close and Season 4 will roll out this May in only a few short weeks. With a new season comes a new intro, and it's up to you guys to supply us with one! If we're in need of an intro, why not make it into a contest? Exactly.



- You can submit multiple entries, the more the merrier!

- Try to be original. Using stock music or Garageband loops as a base are fine, but do your best to create something from scratch.

- Themes do NOT have to have narration, though it is appreciated. If you create a theme that is meant to have narration, but you don't want to narrate it yourself, please let us know where the narration is supposed to be inserted. Please note that if you are listing off the hosts, Aresol is indeed part of the cast now. Also if you do narration, please make sure you note it's RRR Season 4. "The latest toku news in the craziest way possible" does NOT need to be a part of the theme narration, but if you want to use it, go ahead!

- Tell us about the tune. Did you use a loop or stock music as the base? Create it from scratch? Let us know what you used, and link back to any stock music or loops you used as your base.

- Keep the theme 30 seconds to 1 minute in length. Any longer is just kind of annoying.


The winner will receive a prize of some sort. Honestly haven't figured out what it is yet. I think Dosm has some extra toys we might be able to use or something like that. It'll be worth it though, I promise.

Deadline for submissions is Saturday,  May 04th, 2013. The winner will be selected the following week and announced on the finale of Season 3.

Please send all submissions to ridersrangersandrambles@gmail.com as an attachment or include a download link.

Thanks! Good luck to all participants!