Riders, Rangers, & Riffing - Episode 00: My Morphin’ Life (Episode 01)

Welcome to the unofficial first episode of Riders, Rangers, and Riffing! This is our new (most likely monthly) spin-off show where we sit back and watch an episode or movie of tokusatsu, and comment away. Our riffing more or less can be seen as a mix of riffing, commentary, and heckling, so take that as you will!
The rules are simple:
- Download the MP3 Below
- Hit up YouTube, a Torrent, or even KRDL.info to get whatever episode or film we are riffing. (We will specify which sub group, since some groups might differ in timing from when you hit play)
- After our introduction, we will begin a countdown, on "Go!" hit the play button.
- Sit back and enjoy!
Our prototype episode is that of Jason David Frank's "My Morphin' Life," a documentary about his life. Yeah, it's as exciting as it sounds. We are riffing the first episode, which clocks in at only around 10 minutes, perfect for our little test run. 
If you have any comments, please let us know via Twitter @TheRRRPodcast or on our Podcast's Facebook Page.

Download the MP3 HERE!