Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #9: We Changed Our Minds

Remember when we went on and on about OOO was the worst thing to happen to Kamen Rider? Well, after seeing the toys, we have renewed hope! Hopefully Figuarts will go "way of the RHS" and only do TaToBa and the solid forms! It would certainly be a load off our shoulders! Join us as we discuss the latest news featuring the T2 Joker Memory, GoseiUltimate, and Kamen Rider OOO. Next up, we tackle some show news for OOO and PR 2011. We wrap up the episode with summaries and discussion for Double 41 and Goseiger 21. Well...we SORT of discuss Goseiger. Sort of. Not really. You'll see...you'll see. --- Show Notes T2 Joker Memory to come with Rider Goods Collection 2010 Mook GoseiUltimate Pictures OOO Toy Release Schedule OOO Toy Pictures HJU's OOO Rumor Thread HJU's PR2011 Rumor Thread TV-Nihon's Double 41 Subs TV-Nihon's Goseiger 21 Subs --- As always you can download the standard MP3 of the podcast HERE. Of course, you can download the enhanced M4A of the podcast by clicking download below, or subscribing via your favorite music player or RSS Feed reader. The enhanced version features changing album art, and embedded links to check out just what we are talking about, as we talk about it! If you have a few dollars to spare, please donate using the button to the right, everything helps! Enjoy!