Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #50: iWake The Kevin

One week later and we finally woke the bastard up. He joins us this week as we discuss the latest in money thieving Figuarts in both the exclusive and retail realms for the months of August and September. Hint: There's a lot of money being spent. We decide to give our wallets a break as we tackle the latest developments in OOO and Gokaiger, followed by some news on Power Rangers Samurai's new Saturday air date, and new cast member! Super Hero Time begins with summaries and discussion of Gokaiger 10 and OOO 31. Finally, Retrospective Ranger Rambles continues with Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie and Power Rangers Turbo. Yes, we really ranted this long about Turbo without directly bashing it. I'm surprised too.

Show Notes

S.H.Figuarts Tamashii Web September Exclusives

S.H.Figuarts August and September Retail Releases

PuToTyra & Maki's Betrayal

GOOOKaiger! (Get it?)

Power Rangers Samurai Moves to Saturday

Antonio, the Gold Samurai Ranger


RRR Fansub Source


Wikipedia's Power Rangers Turbo Page


VizAnime's Tiger & Bunny Page


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