Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #5: Epic Podcast

Epic Podcast, Sanjou! Episode 5 has hit, and today, we bring you the latest news from the largest video game expo around, E3. Due to the complete lack of Tokusatsu news, and the complete flood of Gaming news, we decided to focus on E3, and here it is. From Microsoft, to Sony, to Nintendo, we cover it all (with a heavy bias towards Nintendo because they totally won E3 this year). Aren't a fan of gaming? Fear not, as Jedimon continues to bring you the most entertaining episode summaries around, this time of Double 38 and Goseiger 17, the first good episode of Goseiger ever. We hope you enjoy the latest Riders, Rangers, & Rambles! Show Notes G4's Main E3 Page G4's Microsoft Page G4's EA Page G4's Ubisoft Page G4's Nintendo Page G4's Sony Page G4's Konami Page (This occurred Wednesday, so we couldn't discuss it.) Nintendo's own E3 Page (Do check this out, screenshots of nearly every game announced.) TV-Nihon's Sub of Double 38 TV-Nihon's Sub of Goseiger 17 For those of you that want it, you may download a standard MP3 of the Podcast HERE. As always you can download the enhanced M4A (which includes changing album art and embedded show notes) by using the download button below, or by subscribing via iTunes, or any of the other sources located to the right. Send all requests, questions, and comments to ridersrangersandrambles@gmail.com. If you have any spare *insert currency here* please donate, any support is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy the next episode of Riders, Rangers, & Rambles!