Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #48: Bamboozled Again!

Damn that AmyAmy and her bamboozling ways! To hell! Join the crew of three as we venture through the latest and greatest rumors in Sentai, Gokaiger, and OOO! Our usual roundup of summaries includes Gokaiger Episode 08, OOO 29, and Samurai 09! We continue our newly titled "Retrospective Ranger Rambles" with MMPR S3 (and MMAR). Join us as we nostalgia ourselves with the plot, characters, villains, robots, and music, concluding with our thoughts on the season as a whole. An hour long discussion in nostalgic goodness. To those unhappy with the now longer podcasts, just skip what you want to skip, with the inclusion of our RRR in RRR, things run a bit longer, but we still strive to bring you the best show we can. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, we love to hear feedback on our progress! Thanks for all the support. Show Notes Super Sentai Ranger Cross! OOO Rumor Mill (PuToTyra Info and Rumors) More OOO Rumors (Real Ankh, Giru, and More!) Gokai Machine Rumors - RRR Fansub Source Rangerboard Samurai Encode Thread --- As always you can download the standard MP3 of the podcast HERE. Of course, you can download the enhanced M4A of the podcast by clicking HERE, or subscribing via your favorite music player or RSS Feed reader. The enhanced version features changing album art, and embedded links to check out just what we are talking about, as we talk about it!