Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #43: Sidus Lepidus! Samurai is Jank!

Yes, even compared to the Disney Era. Honestly it wasn't that bad, people just need to calm the poop down. Anyway, join the crew as we talk about Shuki's horrible divorce, some Let's Go Kamen Rider News, OOO News, and Super Sentai 199 Hero Movie News! That's honestly it. As always we cover the latest Gokaiger Episode (4), OOO Episode (25), and Samurai (5). Thanks to the slow news week, Shuki and Dosm (Jedi is there somewhere) have a lengthy discussion about the current state of PR, what needs to change, and what made the past seasons so great. We also make fun of Sentai Snobs. Just a typical day in the office.

Show Notes


Let's Go Kamen Rider Update!

OOO Rumor Roundup!

199 Heroes Update!


RRR's Fansub Source!

Rangerboard's Samurai Encode Post


Samurai Cast Interview

Tristanism's Post @ Rangerboard


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