Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #39: From My Point of View, the Goseigers Are Evil!

THEN YOU ARE LOST! NO U! Join us once again in an episode jam packed full of epic, and I don't mean Goseiger! PuToTira Combo hits the scene, bringing a slew of new OOO Toys with him! Tagging along is GokaiSilver, the sixth senshi for our anniversary season, also bringing some pretty badass Gokaiger merchandise. We wrap up the news with some OOO Rumors, the W Returns Trailer, news on the Gokai/Gosei/SS Movie, and the breaking news of the Goseiger Last Epic V-Cinema! For our discussion we relax to Goseiger 49, OOO 20, and the very first (third?) episode of Power Rangers Samurai, leading into a long discussion about our thoughts on the series and it's future. Watch CHUCK!

Show Notes

PuToTira Combo + Rumors

More OOO Toy Scans!

Candy Toy O-Medal Vol. 3 List


More GokaiSilver Info


OOO Rumors

W Returns Trailer

Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Daikessen Movie!

Goseiger Returns...


TVN's Goseiger 49 Subs

TVN's OOO 20 Subs


dekabroken's PR Samurai 01 Encode


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