Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #38: We Are Tooooooo Popular!

We still need your help! Even if by some miracle we get the site up and running by the time this goes live, we'll still need some donations throughout the year to stay afloat. Thank you to everyone so far that's donated, clicked ads, and bought shirts! We appreciate it. Anyway, join us for another action packed episode in which we discuss the latest and greatest rumors and news! We cover the latest OOO Toy, show, and movie rumors, W Returns updates, a ton of info of Gokaiger's upcoming premier and toyline, some Let's Go Kamen Rider news, and lastly, a slew of Samurai talk about the return of everyone's favorite, Bulk! For discussion we cover Goseiger Episode 48, and OOO Episode 19. Once again, there is no Ramble Time since we talked too much. Deal with it.

Show Notes

Kamen Rider Ankh & Toy Rumors

New OOO Toys?


More OOO Rumors!

W Returns Update

OOO TakaPanBa Combo & Birth Birthday Mode

OOO Summer Movie Rumors

Gokaiger Toy Demos!

3rd Gokaiger Promo & Theme!

Gokaiger Up Close & Personal - V2!

The Zangyaku Appears!

Gokaiger E1 Images!

Real Gokaiger 1-3 Summaries!

Ichigo, Nigo, & V3 Return to Voice in Let's Go Kamen Rider!

Let's Go Kamen Rider Summary!

Bulk in Samurai!

Bulk is Back Video!

Spike's Bio!

Bulk's Bio!

PR Samurai Intro Story!


TV-Nihon's Goseiger Episode 48 Subs

TV-Nihon's OOO Episode 19 Subs


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