Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #36: She Watched Chuck!

FINALLY! ALL OF OUR HARD WORK HAS PAID OFF! But we're still going to talk about Chuck ALL THE TIME. :D

Join us in this action packed episode as we discuss how awesome we are! Oh yeah, we also talk about GaiaMemories, D-Arts, Figuarts, Dice-O, OOO Rumors, Anniversary Movies, and Samurai's being all Mega and shit. For our discussion we hit up Goseiger 46 and OOO 17. Goseiger is finally good! OOO continues to be awesome sauce. We wrap up the show with a long rant about how the new Pokémon names pretty much suck balls. We were honestly just excited that she watched Chuck. Everyone needs a little Chuck in their life. Chuck.

Show Notes


GaiaMemory 6 Real. :(

D-Arts Mega Man X to the US?

ShinkenRed & TaToBa Packages!


Gokaiger Dice-O Trailers!


OOO's Plot Thickens!

February OOO Rumors!

Even More OOO Rumors!

PuToTerano & KoraKawani Headshots!

Let's Go Kamen Rider Promo!

Let's Go Set Photos!

Samurai Press Release!

Samurai Mega Mode!

Linear Ranger's Mega Blade Pic


TV-Nihon's Goseiger 46 Subs

TV-Nihon's OOO 17 Subs


List of English Pokémon Names!


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