Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #31: -Casey Grunt-


Join our apparently drugged selves on the adventure of a life time! We discuss the latest "news" of Figuarts Zero, Movie War Core, W's V-Cinemas, Kamen Rider's 40th Anniversary, and Samurai's typical promoted selves. For our discussion we hit the scene with OOO 13, and wrap it up with a less intense ramble time filled with mostly our shenanigans and nonsense. I think some sort of drugs were passed out before this recording, don't mind us. We're just insane. CHACK!

Show Notes

Figuarts Zero Terror Dopant an Exclusive?


Movie War Core TV Commentary Images

New W V-Cinema News

Kamen Rider 40th Anniversary Cast?

Samurai Preview at NATPE?


TV-Nihon's OOO Episode 13 Subs


KouAidou's Goseiger Post


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