Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #27: We ARE the Senate!

So I don't have the slightest idea of how to summarize this episode. There was no OOO on the 7th, meaning there was no episode release that week, meaning there was no episode for us to summarize (for those of you still bitching, GEC. It's how the schedule works.) So stay tuned for Episode 10 next week. Anywho, we cover the flood of Toy Catalog pictures for the OOO Toys we summarized last week, as well as the latest paragraph of rumors. Lastly, we brush upon the latest Japan Postal restrictions that could harm your toy buying abilities, before we go into intense ramble time. So yeah. Sit back, enjoy. I have to go to tend to the Little Matsudas. Oh yeah, check out the new site. Now.

Show Notes

Orends:Range Post with Batch 1 of Photos (OCC 07 Here)

Birth Driver, Medal Set 03, Sofubis, OCC 05

TaJaSpinne, OCC 06

Birth Buster

Medal Case, Gorilla Candroid, Kujaku Candroid, Ptera Candroid


Dino Greeed OOO Rumors


Japan - US Postal Regulations


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