Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #26: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! AHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This episode brought to you by Cakeboss Guppy Mandark.

Join us for the first episode what may or may not be classified as RRR Season 2. I'm gonna say no for now, but just saying. Join us as we discuss the latest in OOO, W, and Gokaiger Rumors! We spend a majority of the cast discussing the latest OOO Toy Catalog, and the "pictures" we have from awesome sources. TaJaDoru is the new sex of everything. Sorry Nasca. In other merchandise news, we talk about the abundance of OOO Figuarts, and how absolutely shitty the Samurai Toys are. Also we have the weirdest Ramble Time ever. Eargina and Little Matsudas. That is all.

Show Notes

Candy Toy O-Medal Vol. 2

New Figuarts Photos

Power Rangers Samurai Toys! WARNING: They suck.

OOO 2nd Quarter Toy Catalog!


Birth Driver Info

TaJaDoru Spinner

TaJaDoru & ShaUTa

OOO, W, and Gokaiger Rumors

Rumored Gokaiger Story

Zord Crowns?


TV-Nihon's OOO Episode 9 Subs


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