Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #23: They Snatched Our People Up!

Welcome to RRR Episode 23. Unfortunately, there are only two of us. DosmRider decided to forget about us like a true hero, and our backup host apparently got snatched up as well. Shuki and Jedimon decide to rough it out to bring you the latest (and by latest I mean, this is all stuff that came out Thursday before we recorded) Toku News. Perhaps not the craziest way possible, but there are only two of us. We tried. The duo presents the latest OOO Figuart News, followed by a plethora of news regarding OOO, Movie Taisen Core, Goseiger, and Gokaiger. We wrap it up with Goseiger 34, and OOO 6.

The voting for Goseiger Summaries will continue until our next recording, as it stands right now, 34 will be our last Goseiger Summary until the finale. Speak your mind below or on Facebook.

Show Notes

GataKiriBa Figuart!


Latest OOO Rumors

New OOO Scans

Movie Taisen Core News & Scans


Gokaiger Rumors and Goseiger vs. Shinkenger News


TV-Nihon's Goseiger 34 Subs

TV-Nihon's OOO 6 Subs


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