Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #15: Are you serious my boy?

So, there was pretty much nothing to talk about, yet we still manage to crank out an hour and forty-five minute podcast. Our bullshit never ceases to amaze me. So we talk about news that isn't news. New look at some upcoming Figuarts, Ganbaride, OOO, and GoseiUltimate. There's a new OOO trailer, with nothing much in the way of anything new.  Did I mention there was nothing new? We hit up the discussions with summaries of W 47 and Goseiger 26. Leading the rear is the MMPR episodes "The Dark Warrior" and "The Rockstar." They were terrible. Just like Goseiger. Check us out on Facebook! Show Notes Upcoming S.H.Figuarts Look! A look at the OOO addition to Ganbaride! - Movie Taisen 2011 confirmed. Again. Second OOO Trailer! New OOO Scans! - Associated Text! GoseiUltimate, for those who still care. - TV-Nihon's W 47 Subs. TV-Nihon's Goseiger 26 Subs. dekabroken's MMPRv2 Encodes. - Check out the Riders, Rangers, & Rambles Facebook page! - As always you can download the standard MP3 of the podcast HERE. Of course, you can download the enhanced M4A of the podcast by clicking download below, or subscribing via your favorite music player or RSS Feed reader. The enhanced version features changing album art, and embedded links to check out just what we are talking about, as we talk about it!