Riders, Rangers, & Rambles - Episode #1: Buwaa, Gurrooo, Shittttt

Welcome to the first ever Riders, Rangers, and Rambles Podcast, with your hosts ShukuenShinobi, DosmRider, and Jedimon! Here, we discuss all things Tokusatsu, with a heavy focus on episode discussions and toy news. In our first show, we discuss the recent flood of Figuarts photos, the new Super Robot Chogokin line, and Saban buying back Power Rangers! Don't forget to stay tuned for our episode discussion of Double Episodes 33 and 34, Goseiger Episodes 12 and 13, and the first three parts of the Green with Evil saga of MMPR V2, complete with Jedimon's hilarious episode summaries. Please send us feedback at ridersrangersandrambles@gmail.com! Show Notes Check out the newest Figuarts photos (and more lines from the event) HERE. Check out the Super Robot Chogokin line HERE. Check out the New York Times article of the Saban buy back HERE. You can download the enhanced M4A here (featuring album art, chapters, and links): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A99D9VEA You can download the normal MP3 here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=13E0534C