Riders, Rangers, and Rambles

A Podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest Toku News in the craziest way possible, brought to you by your hosts ShukuenShinobi, DosmRider, and Jedimon. From toys to TV, they cover it all.

February 22nd, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #41: From Ressha with Love!

Also penis, or something like that, but that's not a real part of the title. Join us for the next smash hit episode where we discuss Toy Fair 2014, highlighting the toys and brands we were most interested in seeing. In the middle of said discussion, we also rant about the "sexist" Bandai accusations. Finally we hop on the train to Imagination Land with the first episode of ToQger, followed by the 18th episode of Gaim. Finally Pokémon, Ben 10, and TMNT ride through the Ramble Station while we make our last stop in Twitter Town to check out the latest questions. All aboard everyone.

Train puns.

February 15th, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #40: They Kyoryu Changed Their Minds!

As soon as we think we're gonna enjoy a nice round of English Go-Busters, Saban goes and Kyoryu Changes his mind and now we get Kyoryuger sooner than expected, just like the Saiyans. Join us as we discuss a jam-packed show filled with the news of Dino Charge, an all new episode of Gaim, the finale of Kyoryuger, our hour long wrap-up of Kyoryuger, the premier of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, a compact Ramble Time, AND the Facebook Questions. That's a lot of show. There's also some discussion on The LEGO Movie. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

February 8th, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #39: Jinba Juice!

It's funny because I seen a little display for frozen Jamba Juice at Target's cafe today. But regardless, join us as we discuss the actual abundant news this week, including Kyoryuger 100 Years After, ToQ 6Gou, Gaim Kiwami Arms, and more! Kyoryuger 47 and Gaim 16 ignite Super Hero Time, while Pokémon and TMNT bring Ramble TIme back to life! We conclude with this week's batch of Twitter Questions. Join us next week, when we hopefully have a better title.

February 1st, 2014    

RRR Season 4 - Episode #38: Aigallon But Not Forgotten!

Aigallon, you will always be in our hearts, even though we kind of hated you throughout the entire show. Seriously, this show is powerful enough to make me care about a character I hate. That's power man. Gaim is also terrific and the greatest thing on the planet. We won't forget Gaim ever either. Though apparently we forgot to discuss the Kyoryuger 100 Years After news. At least we kept something to talk about next week, since it looks like we won't have any news again. Anyway, let's go back to morning Aigallon as we discuss all the latest news, Kyoryuger, Gaim, and read some answers to a Facebook question no one but Dosm understood. That stings.


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